Here’s Why You Don’t Listen to Dad

So my dad says, “Go to school son. You need an education to get a good job.”

Meanwhile, I graduate from college with $80,000 in student debt and a degree, which is essentially just a piece of paper. Awesome, now it’s time to find a “good” job.

How are we deciding what’s good? Are we talking salary? Time off? Everything is relative.

I skip having that argument and apply to 13 jobs on Indeed, Monster, and Career Builder. I get numerous emails back within 7 days. Hooray! I may be able to find something. I book 4 interviews and I’m riding high because I’m the only one of my friends who can get any at all.

I interview for all 4 jobs. I am genuinely myself during the process, explain what I can do, show off a little of what I know, and boom – they hire me as an entry level marketer.

The job pays $35,000 a year which I believe to be pitiful, but it’s not bad for our small town of 10,000 people.

I met with the VP of Human Resources, the VP of Marketing, and a couple others I’ve forgotten. Not a single one of them have a college degree! What gives? I spent 4 years studying and busting my butt to get this piece of paper that says I am capable of learning and I should be paid a lot of money. Yet, at the top of the organization sits several high-level managers that have a high school diploma and that’s it.

Was Dad right? Sure doesn’t feel like it, but I guess we’ll find out in time.

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