About the Team

Some Like It Raw started with a vision. We wanted to create a website that talked about the raw truth of owning a restaurant and working in the food industry. Between multiple family businesses running eateries and local contractor work, we’ve had a lot of life experience many people can learn from.

My father was never a big believer in following your passion projects. He told us to stay in school, study hard, then find a good job. But, none of our family liked working for “the man”. My youngest brother Jason started a restaurant that cooks tons of deliciously greasy food that’s just delightful to snack on. My middle brother Mike is a jack-of-all-trades. He worked at a tree company for a while, did some plumbing, and eventually started a hood cleaning company. And my oldest brother Aaron flies private jets! He’s the coolest family member by far. I’m the nerdy computer one that handles the computer work, billing, taxes, and all the stuff that’s not fun to do.

Today, our father is proud that we’ve managed to pull our lives together and run successful businesses each on our own accord. We take a couple weeks off each year to host a family vacation in Wildwood, NJ. We hangout, grill, and just relax for a change. When we’re back at work, things can get a little stressful, especially with Covid.

My hope is that between the 4 of us, our stories will inspire you to go for your dreams and do whatever you want without listening to people who hold you back. Each one of us is doing something we enjoy now, and it’s all possible because of that leap of faith we took.

In this blog, you can expect to learn about our lives as stuff happens. Some like it raw, and I promise to deliver by having no filter on what we say. If we feel it or experience it, you’ll read about it…until one of our wives finds out anyways hah! Cheers.