Here’s Why You Don’t Listen to Dad

So my dad says, “Go to school son. You need an education to get a good job.”

Meanwhile, I graduate from college with $80,000 in student debt and a degree, which is essentially just a piece of paper. Awesome, now it’s time to find a “good” job.

How are we deciding what’s good? Are we talking salary? Time off? Everything is relative.

I skip having that argument and apply to 13 jobs on Indeed, Monster, and Career Builder. I get numerous emails back within 7 days. Hooray! I may be able to find something. I book 4 interviews and I’m riding high because I’m the only one of my friends who can get any at all.

I interview for all 4 jobs. I am genuinely myself during the process, explain what I can do, show off a little of what I know, and boom – they hire me as an entry level marketer.

The job pays $35,000 a year which I believe to be pitiful, but it’s not bad for our small town of 10,000 people.

I met with the VP of Human Resources, the VP of Marketing, and a couple others I’ve forgotten. Not a single one of them have a college degree! What gives? I spent 4 years studying and busting my butt to get this piece of paper that says I am capable of learning and I should be paid a lot of money. Yet, at the top of the organization sits several high-level managers that have a high school diploma and that’s it.

Was Dad right? Sure doesn’t feel like it, but I guess we’ll find out in time.

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Why Is Grease Trap Cleaning Such A Mess?

Grease trap cleaning is a big mess.  It is part of cleaning a restaurant hood.  In fact, it may be the messiest, hardest part of cleaning a hood.  Grease trap cleaning is not pretty, I can assure you.  My wife and I own a restaurant and we really don’t like cleaning the hood vent or the grease trap, which is why we hire hood cleaning professionals from Their team prevent fires, to prevent smells from building up, and to keep the place clean and sanitary. Sure, we could have one of our employees do it.  We don’t want to be that self-centered though.  When we clean the grease trap, we carefully remove it.  Then, we get out all the grease we can.  When it is relatively free of grease, we soak it in hot water that has degreaser in it.  It is imperative to get a top line degreaser.  If you try cutting corners and getting a cheap one, it is not going to work right because it will be too watered down or just not good at all.  We soak it for at least one hour to loosen up all the grease.  Then, we use a cleaning rag to wash it good.  And next, we rinse it.  Drying it is important or it will have water spots all over it and it won’t look like we cleaned it at all.  Lastly, we put it back in its place so it can get all greasy again.  Recently, we were overwhelmed with work.  Since we had so much work, it meant we were bringing in more money.  We decided to spring for a cleaning service that specialized in cleaning hoods and grease trap cleaning.  It cost a lot less than we had expected.  We were absolutely amazed at how clean the grease trap and the rest of the hood was.  We weighed things out and decided to keep the service.  It is nice to not have to do it ourselves anymore ad to know that it will get done regularly.  Large restaurants probably have a cleaning service clean their equipment more often than smaller ones do.  For us, we thought we couldn’t afford it. Then again, we never knew how inexpensive it was and how nice it was not to have to worry about it ourselves.  Now…we know.  Thank goodness!

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