I currently live in Chicago, IL with my crazy English husband and three cats who are even crazier. He eats meat, but I have managed to sneak in a few good eating habits with some raw food meals of which he is quite fond. Suffice to say, he is my work in progress.

I, on the other hand grew up in upstate New York. My mom raised me
vegetarian because that was the 'thing to do' in the 70's. For that I
will always be grateful. I had sort of an unusual upbringing though.

For four years, my mom and I lived at the Rochester Folk Art Guild, a resident community in Middlesex, NY with focus on sustainable living and organic farming. Yep, a bunch of hippies living together off of the land! And that is where my love for cooking began.

I discovered raw foods a few years ago and knew that it was just the thing for me. I didn't seek it out for health reasons. What appealed to me was all of the exotic ingredients and the sheer variety of things that you could do with fruits and vegetables. It opened up a whole new world for me.



So, I started my own self catered 'raw apprenticeship' and became a raw food chef. I studied under Jenny Cornbleet of the Living Lights Culinary Institute, Chad Sarno, and Matthew Kenney of Pure Food and Wine. I also read most books on the topic. With that knowledge and my own creativity, I have managed to make something of my own. The proof is in the pudding as they say (raw of course) and I invite you to taste it yourself. I am available for raw food personal chef services and raw dinner parties. Contact me here.

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